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I’m the guy CEOs and executives bring in when it’s mission critical to generate more sales and revenue.


Here’s what most people don’t understand about improving sales and increasing profits.

It’s an inside job and it starts at the top.

The problem is—even when you’re a company leader, it’s common to struggle with confidence busters that ripple out into your company culture such as: alignment, motivation, isolation, self-doubt, decision fatigue, relationships and difficulty addressing conflicts effectively.  


I influence the few who influence the many.


Over the past 25 years I’ve helped thousands of professionals isolate the weaknesses holding them back and transform them into strengths through my one-on-one executive coaching, keynote speaking, and bestselling book, Selling by Design.

Because I’m a business development expert, my coaching clients get the support and guidance they need—so they can take complex business problems and simplify them into concrete, profitable action steps.

I’ve held leadership positions in publicly traded Fortune 100 powerhouses as well as startup companies. I’m skilled and experienced at helping my clients gain important insights that help them succeed!

If it’s mission critical to optimize your company’s culture (and believe me, it is), you’ll need to start with you.

One of my team members has been disengaged for quite some time. In fact, I had written her up with a Progressive Disciplinary Notice (PDN). I hate this part of my job! After attending your course, Danger in the Comfort Zone, she proceeded to tell me that after listening to you, she realized her behavior needed to change. She had a tear run down her face and thanked me for your class—that she is committed to changing her behavior. Thank you! Today is a new day with a new outlook!
— Jennifer Aarrestad ABOC | Optical Manager

Learn how to handle difficult business situations.


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Let’s fix that!

Selling by Design, a field guide to selling.

Selling by Design is different. It is fundamentally sound and tested for over 30 years by thousands of sales professionals in nearly every industry.  Yet, its different.  This isn't a book on hype, motivation or theory- it's a salesman's field guide to selling.  It's meant to be used, dog eared, torn up and marked up.  Small enough to ride in the car, read while having lunch and easy to use and understand so that it can be done in "chunks."  A perfect gift for anyone starting their career as well as those who have been at it for decades. 

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Executive Coaching

For company executives, managers, business owners, and sales professionals who want a trusted sounding board and experienced mentor. I'll help unlock your confidence, discipline, and leadership skills to help you develop and grow toward specific professional goals. We'll lower your stress, improve your poductivity, and prioritize work/life balance.  

Workshops & Speaking

For companies and teams wanting to improve the way they do things. I address human resource development, management practices, mission alignment to daily focus, employee attitudes, and conflict resolution. I'm often hired to address the “elephant in the room” (with humor, candor, and proven strategies) to smooth out issues and upgrade team performance.