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I’ve trained and entertained thousands of professionals in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, home improvement, and healthcare industries over the past 30 years.

I specialize in employee engagement, management, leadership, and revenue generation. In other words, I am a rainmaker.

To sum it up, if your company has a revenue problem, it actually has a people problem. I help solve people problems with poignant and funny lessons that people lean in to hear and thoroughly enjoy learning.

I love people. I have deep empathy and quickly develop a comfortable bond with audiences. Our relationship feels relaxed and relatable because I don’t put myself on a pedestal. I include myself as part of the problem, as well as the solution.

Mike is one of the most notable Keynote Speakers we work with! He engages his audiences with humor and relevant subject matter, but most importantly, he challenges the Doctors and their teams to be better in their performance and to use new ideas to improve. He provides suggestions that can be easily implemented into a practice the very next day! He is our most requested Speaker and we are thrilled to have him as a resource and an extension of our organization!
— Sue Barry l Walman Optical Regional Manager

I am very relaxed on stage (this isn’t my first rodeo).
Audiences enjoy thought-shifting talks delivered in my signature engaging, approachable style.


They walk away feeling uplifted and excited to put new, highly effective practices in place to take their careers (and your organization) to the next level!


Does your organization need to improve its communication and soft skills?

Probably, because that’s the key to…

I speak exclusively on the “soft skills” of business which means—I help people interact effectively and harmoniously with others. Many times companies hire me to come in and address the “elephant in the room” so they can get pointed in the right direction resolving key issues from that day forward.

I help organizations create productive, positive work cultures by facilitating proven management methods in key areas:

  • human resource development

  • sales training

  • management improvement

  • leadership & culture optimization

  • employee fulfillment & engagement

  • vision and mission alignment

  • staff behavior upgrades

  • bridging communication gaps

  • resolving conflicts

  • managed scalability