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Michael Karlsrud


I believe you have what it takes to be a great leader.

The only thing you may be missing?

A fearless coach who will help you take inventory of your current situations and see your personal potential differently. I’ll help you inspire and guide your teams to the success, fulfillment, and profit you know is possible!

My style is casual, easily approachable, yet gently assertive. What this means is—I’m not going to let you fumble around or stay stuck. I’ll nudge you forward and give you excellent insights from a business executive who’s been there, done that.

Thanks to my 30-year track record helping organizations become more aligned and efficient, I know what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to human motivation and resource development.


Most organizations have a leadership problem.


I’ve worked with enough CEO’s, C-suite executives, and company founders to know…

No matter how well they mask it, many leaders experience stress to a degree few can relate to.


It can feel lonely at the top. Having an experienced mentor in your corner can help simplify the complex issues you’re wrestling with which decreases your stress.


Leaders often feel like they live in a “fishbowl.” They worry about being judged in their community and often feel unsure about who to be at and away from work.


Even though they have the top seat, even seasoned leaders often feel scared their employees or board of directors will figure out they’re winging it.


Negative mind chatter is a human condition that can undermine even the most confident leaders. I help my clients quiet their doubts and tune into their strengths!


It’s common to be too close to a situation. Many of my executive clients feel unsure about decisions on critical issues and enjoy having an objective perspective.


Empowering people to get along is tricky business. My clients learn skills to navigate tough conversations with clarity and confidence for optimal outcomes.


Most leaders work long hours and struggle with work spilling into every area of their lives. I give them proven stress relief and life balance practices that truly work.


True visionaries know how to get things done with focus and momentum. My clients learn how to manage their energy and focus to get more done in less time.


I’ve trained and entertained thousands of professionals in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, home improvement, and healthcare industries.

Selling by Design, a field guide to selling.

Selling by Design is different. It is fundamentally sound and tested for over 30 years by thousands of sales professionals in nearly every industry.  Yet, its different.  This isn't a book on hype, motivation or theory- it's a salesman's field guide to selling.  It's meant to be used, dog eared, torn up and marked up.  Small enough to ride in the car, read while having lunch and easy to use and understand so that it can be done in "chunks."  A perfect gift for anyone starting their career as well as those who have been at it for decades. 

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I was born in Minnesota and grew up on a dairy farm.

Hence I deeply understand the value of “rolling up my sleeves” to get the job done.

Now I live in an old 1865 house that I’m methodically remodeling—keeping reverence for history and the constant reminder to re-create, re-invent, and remain inspired.

I have three degrees from the University of Minnesota, including a M.Ed in Education, BS in Education, and an Associates in Human Resource Development; Organization Development.

Additionally, I’m an adjunct professor at University of Wisconsin, River Falls and former Vistage Chairman.

After holding leadership positions in multiple corporations, both publicly traded Fortune 100 powerhouses and closely held private enterprises, I started Karlsrüd Company. I’m dedicated to helping companies create, manage, and lead their high-performing sales teams for maximum profitability.

In my free time I can be found traveling the country on my Harley, meeting new and wonderful people, collecting stories, building things, cooking, and guiding my two sons on the journey to manhood.