Happy people buy more stuff.

I did a presentation a couple of weeks back, talking about the value of creating a positive customer experience/environment.  Now, it may seem obvious to everyone why you need to do that, and it may surprise you how many organizations go about their day-to-day business without ever really observing what really is going on and how it may impact the whole experience.

I spent some time talking about play and bring the concept of play into the retail experience.  For some, play may seem like a daunting concept to bring into your business.  For others it can be an absolute game changer.  Consumers who are in a "buying frame of mind" feed from the energy created by play.  Whether they are watching it as your team interacts with each other, or if they are engaged as your team interacts with them, there is a positive impact on sales.

if not today, then someday soon.

Try it. Let loose a bit and don't take yourself to seriously.  Happy people buy lots of stuff.  Make them happy and play with them as they enjoy your company, its products and services, and the people you have hired.  It will stick with them for a very, very long time.

Good selling.



Mike Karlsrud