Vistage offers executives and leaders an opportunity to be part of a peer advisory group that is focused on solving business issues while professionally adding to their leadership toolbox. I facilitate a group of accomplished executives, solving real issues in business and life, in a "carefrontational" way.  

Being in a community of executives that uniquely understands the professional and personal challenges that comes with leadership, is powerful beyond words.  It IS lonely at the top.  Only those who are there truly knows how that feels.  You don't need to travel alone.   Expect confidentiality, respect, and a safe and supportive environment to be "you." 

Members gain fresh perspective and find solutions to their most pressing challenges and opportunities through:

• Ongoing professional development
• Sharing of best practices
• Confidential help in critical situations
• Access to a global brain trust for current thinking on business issues
• Peer to peer interaction and exchanges
• 1 to 1 coaching
• Expert speakers and workshops
• Member-only conferences
• Online private website and database
• A global network

The goal of our group is for everyone to make better decisions, see better results, and live a better more balanced life. All it takes to start is a 20 minute conversation to see if you are a good fit for Vistage and vise-versa