Because going together is better than going it alone.

34% of executives who want coaching get it. 

"Belonging to a Vistage group has literally changed my life. My group helped me work through a difficult situation with a key executive in my company that frankly, I didn't understand the impact he had on me, my business, and the rest of the team. Today, I know I make decisions faster, better, and with more confidence as a result of being in my peer group."  CE Member

It all starts with a group.

Vistage began in 1957 with a simple premise, to find other successful business leaders in a community, coming together to share best practices. Over the years, these groups became formalized into work groups that met monthly. Each group is purpose built to help members help each other improve the performance and outcomes of their business.  In my group we have a saying "You show up to play."  Meaning, our meeting day is game day and we rise to the occasion for ourselves and each other. 

the group digs deep.

Vistage groups meet for a full day, monthly. It is unique to Vistage and being in one of our board groups. While no-one ever feels they have enough time to leave their business for a day, it is very common that after the first few meetings this is the day you won't ever miss. We process issues and opportunities through a trademarked process honed over 60 years to challenge members to look beyond your assumptions and get to the heart of the issue so others can provide sound options, solutions and advice based in collective experience. It takes time, issues are deep, and solutions are rarely easy.

Vistage gives you the opportunity to get out of your business so you can work on your business. 

Michael runs the meetings.

When sixteen executives are in the room, you need a strong, experienced and trained facilitator to keep things on track. Michael's passion is to help others build great businesses and develop as leaders of men and women. It's a "calling." 

national speakers keep us challenged.

It is important that we are challenged, kept up-to-date, and discovering where our blindspots may be. Up to six times per year we seek nationally the best speakers, authors, business leaders to come into our group and conduct 3-4 hour workshops with our peer board. The topics very but are always applicable to any business.