Michael Karlsrud, M.Ed. principle Coach of The Karlsrud Company and Chairman of Vistage Worldwide.  


I challenge individuals to be better than they currently are in work and in life. I help them unlock the mysteries of their own lives and unleash the potential that has been kept from them. I have a natural curiosity for understanding both business and people, and how that works as they intersect.

As a Coach, I may not answer your questions but instead question your answers.  With this retrospective approach, there is always room to improve, be challenged, become invigorated, and experience the creation of a new beginning. 

Currently, I facilitate a group of high performing leaders that are committed to achieving greater success in business and life, positively improving their own lives and those they influence. I do this mainly through Vistage Worldwide, a peer-advisory platform that gives me the support and resources to provide you with world class information, knowledge and tools to make better decisions, faster, with less risk and more rewards. I also provide individual coaching on a case by case basis, as well as serve as a Adjunct Professor at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. 

I am a results driven, big-picture visionary, executive leader with 30 years of experience with entrepreneurial start-ups and established Fortune 50 brands with revenues from $1M to $1B. My experience has provided me incredible exposure to every spectrum of business; from multi-national power brands to riding a company into and out of bankruptcy. I have gained hands-on knowledge in multiple industries from light manufacturing to healthcare. 

"Having the perspective from an employee to becoming a business owner has truly provided me enlightenment, understanding and appreciation for what I do."

Education: M.Ed in Human Resource Development; Organization Development and Training.

Industries: Academia, Agriculture, Auto, Home Improvement, Manufacturing, Optical, Pharmaceutical, and Contractor Services.