It all started when…

Michael discovered his God given talent was to teach. Today, he finds himself more comfortable in front of the room than sitting in the seats. Over the years he has honed his skills, messages and stage presence to attract audiences internationally. 

In addition to his high energy, casual and humorous delivery, audiences come away feeling informed, motivated, entertained , and enlightened.  Michael is available for half-day & full-day workshops and keynote presentations.  

Seldom does a topic Michael speaks to just apply to the professional side of life. Many of the core skills needed in our business life are also required in our personal lives. Audiences may gather for business, but leave with personal gain as well. 

As a professional presenter, he is always working on new material. Today, Michael speaks in these areas:

  • What's your "Purple Cow?" How do you differentiate your business from the competition?
  • Get engaged!  Lack of employee engagement costs you (insert your own dollar amount that will shock you.)
  • Who ARE you?  Understanding personalities and dynamics
  • Creating unforgettable customer experiences
  • Selling (There is so much to say about this Michael wrote a book about it)
  • Managing and leading others
  • Four generations in the workplace? You just hired your grandchildren.
  • Spiritual journeys- hey, we're all on one so we might as well share the story.

Call Michael today and chat about your event needs @ 612-747-3184