I have been described as "taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary" as I entertain, inform, and move audiences across the country.  My views on the subjects of change, sales, marketing, and leadership have lead the novice and experienced alike to "think differently" about how they work, live, and interact with others.

I am highly sought after for keynoting, half-day, and full-day workshops.  Selling by Design is a three day sales training program offered on-site (No, it can't be done in two days).

Seldom, if ever, does the topic that I speak to ever apply to just the professional side of life.  I am a born teacher and educator; and apply the interpersonal skills needed in business and adapts them into personal spaces as well.  After all, "it's not business, it's personal."  I have over 30 presentations on a variety of subject that include:

  • Business growth, strategy, and trends
  • Change
  • Cultural alignment
  • Personality profiling- who we are affects how we work with others
  • Customer service, experience, loyalty, and relationships
  • Sales, selling, territory management 
  • Sales management
  • Selling Skills- Selling by Design (book, workshop, and videos available)
  • Segment marketing; gender & generational differences
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Spiritual journeys

Contact me directly at 612-747-3184 or  http://bit.ly/2ueifW3  to book your next meeting or event!

$2500-$7500 per day.