Time to Reflect On the Important Things

I have been blessed to do some amazing work over the last several years.  I work with people who are trying to find their voice, to be heard in their company, or to have their company heard or seen.  In those moments I see people when they are the most open, vulnerable, and needing some outside help to sort things out for them.  Not solve it.  But sort it.

I am taking the next step in my own development; acting authentically on my own "Why?"  Recently I attended a workshop that focused on this very topic.  It drove hard the message of our need to answer our own "why" so we can fulfill the lives we were meant to live.  The speaker mentioned a TEDtalk by a EMT named Mathew O'Rielly who captured the last moments of people's lives after a tragic event- he was an EMT and saw this way too many times. 

Mathew noted a common thread as people were in their last moments.  As they looked up at him- the very last face they would see on this earth, they essentially all said the same things to him.

1) The desire to forgive someone or be forgiven. (Words and deeds left undone or never said)

2) Will you remember me?

3) Did my life matter?  Did I make a difference?

My practice of leadership development/OD and coaching is on a new mission. My authentic mission to help you, and frankly myself, work through the hard stuff of life.  My goal for us is that when our time comes, those three statements or questions will be answered and accounted for in our last moments.  

Mike Karlsrud