Took the summer to ponder...

I got off airplanes this summer and it was a welcome break.  My commute these days is really either to my office (which can be done on foot) or a trip to MSP airport.  This time gives me moments to reflect, research and take time to clear the head so that I can be of better service to clients.  For me there is nothing better than the open road to do such pondering.

I often tell my staff that every once in a while we need to stop working in the business and work "on" the business.  The result of such an effort is this new website.  For all it's grammatical errors, run on sentences, wrong tense, etc. we still put it up.  Not because it's perfect but because of the message. Things are never perfect, but that doesn't mean you put everything on hold until they are (unless you're in medical, than thank you for waiting!)

Over the last few years we've changed.  We started as a sales and marketing training company.  We still do that work to be sure, and we have also embraced what else we do.  Without us knowing it, we have migrated towards our formal education, training and passion.  We help people accept and manage change.  We provide owners and managers of companies a confidential ear so they can have someone to talk to.  (Trust me, I know it's lonely at the top!) We help companies align themselves to their mission and vision.   It's good old fashioned Organization Development and coaching.

It's who we are and what we do best.  Sometimes it takes some alone time on a scooter to ponder such things.  Perhaps we all should take some time away and just ponder... it may provide just the clarity you need.