Customer Service is not an entry level job.

Often I hear people say they want to hire the cheapest, least experienced people as customer service agents.

Let that sink in a bit.

You know the expression- "You only have one shot to make a first impression", so why would you leave that up to someone so unskilled?  The front line in your company ARE YOUR COMPANY to the customer. Their attitude, skills, knowledge, eagerness to solve problems are all messages that translate your brand to prospects and customers a like.

Customer service agents, and front desk personnel need a title change to “Chief First Impressions Officer.”

I just read an article recently that the average front line employee receives about 60 hours of training (if they are lucky). Not a bad start.  The article goes on to talk about The Container Store, you know the place where you buy boxes, crates and gadgets to store things and keep you organized.  Those front line employees each go through 240 hours of training before you even see them on the floor!  That's 6 full weeks of training.  Why you ask?  Because TCS knows that in a very, very competitive marketplace the difference will come down to expertise, experience, and engagement. 

We might all take a page from TCS and evaluate what are we doing to make sure our front line employees are the very best skilled people in our companies.  It is far from an entry-level job if we appreciated what is at stake.

Good selling-


Mike Karlsrud