Put that down and talk to me...

Dear friends,

How ever you spend this season of reflection, hope, and love- it is our hope that your heart is full of love not pain, joy this season and not despair, hope and not worry.

These are challenging times for all of us.  Not only professionally, but as a society in general. The tragedies of late are to complicated to solve with one quick idea or vote.  We are also reminded this time of the year all that is good and wonderful, which ironically has been blended so perfectly with the pain and despair of the world around us. Making sense of it all as we go through the roller coaster of emotion is difficult at best.  

In the end, I grow old knowing one thing.  We are connected more than ever, yet no one is communicating. There was a time when we actually paused to talk with someone.  We would wait longer at events and participate in church gatherings to get caught up with others in our communities.  We invested in getting to know each other and care for each other.  Today, we are to busy trying to be somewhere else than where we are.  In our wake we are leaving millions who are becoming more lonely, desperate for someone to give a hug or even ask simply "How are you?"  

My passion in KCo is all about people re-engaging in the greatest dying skill of our time- conversation.  Whether you are in business or not, we all need to have conversation.  With technology we inform, but I am not sure we converse.  Human "beings" are built with 5 senses for a reason.  We need to be heard, seen, felt, smelt, and listened to.  It is how we expereince life on earth and how we take in all around us.  I love technology, but I have never got a hug from my Mac or Iphone.  

Over the Holiday I had so many moments where I witnessed a room full of people- all silent- all texting or checking their smartphones.  I just wanted to break in and say "would you put that damn thing down and talk to me?"  It would have been a bit awkward as they were all strangers to me, but the point couldn't have hit home more completely.  

In 2013, I hope we call take more moments and appreciate where we are with what we have, and quit trying to be somewhere else at the expense of those around us.  Reconnecting with one another just might the first step to ending all this non-sense that has seeped back into our world.  Peace.


Mike Karlsrud