Time to do more with what I have.

Like many of us, I am on a journey.  My journey has lead me down some paths that have been wonderful, and others where it lead to a dead end.  I am grateful for all of them as they will always leave you looking at the world differently and a whole lot smarter.  I hope, anyway.

April of this year I was asked to accept a challenge I have not done since the mid 1990's- do a consulting gig with a doctors office.  The goal: change the office from a heavy medical model to something a bit more balanced with retail and medical each carrying their own weight.  I accepted the challenge, hopped on a plane and started the gig.  The result was increased sales and a more balanced revenue stream for the practice.  But something else emerged from the experience.  I got back to my formal training; Organization Development.

OD for many is a loose science, for others it's foundations are buried in decades of behavior science and studies. I was trained in the later.  OD embraces change and teaches others and organizations to cope and accept change. Ironically, this science and skill is needed now more than ever.

So over the last few months I have been blowing the dust off of my Masters training in OD and acquainting myself with things I already knew, stuff I forgot, and techniques I have already engrained in my own being to I can continue the journey into a world of consulting.  

I am not turning my back on sales, marketing, leadership and other things I have been doing, I am just adding an umbrella over the top of all it.  Nothing we do to influence another isn't without change.  

I see the vision. I will do the work.  I will get the results I see because of hard work.  The world doesn't need another consultant, but it does need someone who walk the journey of change with those who need it.

Good selling.



Mike Karlsrud