The Art of the Conversation.

I am always amazed by who is in my audiences.  This last week while speaking at the Vision Expo East, I had folks from around the world in my class.  It was crazy cool!  Then the coolest thing happened; an email from Norway.

My family roots are from Norway, so when the gentlemen asked "do you speak internationally?" my heart skipped a beat.  Norway is on my bucket list.  

More importantly though is what the international audience confirmed for me.  The language of "conversation" is universal.  It IS how things get done.  I love the process of sales... not only because I teach it, but because I believe in it whole-heartedly.  And, what I think we need be reminded is this; sales processes and techniques need to translated from parts of a process into elements of effective conversation.  It is only through great conversation that trust is instilled, ideas are shared, needs and wants uncovered, and solutions are presented.

In the end, we may have chosen the profession of salesmenship.  However we must never forget we first and foremost conversationalists.

Now go have a conversation and sell something.


Mike Karlsrud