Keeping Inspired.

We all need time to think, process and keep fresh. For me personally, the winters here in Minnesota can be a bit long and as they progress, they tend to drain my mojo. This past week I went to La. to work with a wonderful practice and apply my craft of insipring others to think differently about what they do every single day.  It is a great and glorious opportunity for me, even though I leave emotionally exhausted.

I'm getting ansy.  Ansy to feel the fresh spring air hitting my face as I travel the roads of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  It's my way of unplugging and connecting to something greater than me.  It's in those moments of humility that my mind opens up, the pressures of the world fade and things become more clear.

It's also in those moments that I become inspired to understand and learn more.  Not only about my craft, but about other peoples craft as well.  My other company, 6 Calls, just went through branding exercise where we wanted to find out and understand WHY we do what we do.  We already knew the WHAT and the HOW, but I really wanted us to soul search for the WHY.  In the end it boiled down to one simple idea; we believe that every story should be heard.  Brand stories, your story, it doesn't matter and often they are one in the same.  

Riding my scooter over the last several years has allowed me to do one really important thing; collect other people's stories.  It is what inspires me in all I do.  Like that awesome practice in La. this last week... I got to meet new folks, understand and collect more stories and in turn, share the wisdom of others with more and more people.  

Find something that inspires you... that refreshes you.  Take the time to stop and listen.  You may be very suprised who may be talking to you and what messages they give you.  They might just may change your life.


Mike Karlsrud