Maximizing the customer experience.

Karlsrud Company is a consultancy company that offer a “systems” approach to serving customers and maximizing profits by utilizing talent, teaming and technology. Our areas of focus and expertise are in the following areas:

  • Conversation design that guides customers to a conclusion that is natural and
  • provides the best solution for them through skillful questioning and listening skills.
  • Coaching for continuous improvement in a total system
  • manner. From the initial phone conversation to voice-of-the-customer surveys, we
  • always look to do things better and different than the competition.
  • SWOT analysis to determine areas of improvement in your
  • business and opportunities for other income streams.
  • Benchmarking- are you in the top 10% of your peer group?
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies- is your message really what you want to convey?
  • How are you marketing your business? Are your processes in alignment.
  • Create high performance, problem solving teams that keep the focus on the customer, not on the process.
  • Performance management systems- setting objectives, goals and developmental plans and compensation systems to instill accountability and personal growth.
  • Creating Customer Experiences that maximizes retention, loyalty and profitability.

    • Optimize returns to all stakeholders: customers, employees and shareholders.
    • Be honest, respectful and direct in communication.
    • Maintain the highest standard of integrity and professionalism.
    • Assume good intentions.
    • Trust each other.
    • Be enthusiastic and optimistic.
    • Be proactive and responsive in helping others in their work.
    • Be an excellent corporate and community citizen.
    • Strive for continuous improvement in all we do.


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